Privacy Policy

  • 10.About the use of the cookie

    (1) When a visitor uses the services of us or our business partner in us and looks at a page, I receive information such as the IP address of the visitor, cookie information and an advertisement, the page that I looked at, the use environment of the visitor from the browser of the visitor automatically and record it to a server.

    (2) In sex, an occupation, age, a page, the advertisement that I looked at, use time, I may use the information about visitors such as a method of the use, the use environment we examine new service, and to make the contents of service and the advertisement offering suitable for a visitor. I relate it to the information that an individual can distinguish and can still less use it.
  • 11.Protection of the personal information in the link

    This rule is applied to only this site. Therefore, about the handling of the personal information in the company except us to link to from this site or the personal website, we cannot take responsibility.
  • 12.The observance of laws and ordinances concerned and other models

    We observe laws and ordinances about the protection of the personal information and other associated models.
  • 13.This prescribed change

    We have a case to change this rule with the changes such as laws and ordinances. I place it for a certain period of time in this site and notify a visitor of the contents for change. When I do not have you agree to the rule that you changed, by your judgment, I can refuse it. In this case because there is a case not to be able to use the service in our site for, approve it beforehand.
  • 14.Inquiry window

    Please inform it of the inquiry about this rule and various procedures from the following windows.

    Personal information protection manager
    the general affairs department
    Kaori Tsuchihashi
    About the inquiry.