Terms of Use


    "JAPAN'S HIDDEN SEAFOOD GEMS" (I say "us" as follows.) determines the basic Terms of Use (I say "this agreement" as follows.) about this site as follows.
  • Application of the Article 1 book agreement

    This agreement is applied about us and all relations with the member with the thing which established the matter which you should observe when the member who fixes it for a next article uses this site.
  • Article 2 member

    I propose the registration to this site by our predetermined method after consent in this agreement based on our procedure to appoint with "the member" in 1) book agreement, and it is said in the people who approved this us.

    When I take that 2) we approve it as a member as inappropriateness, I may not accept registration. In addition, I cancel approval even if after approval and may cross the registration.

    I forbid it the member whom it has been already registered 
  • Reversion of the Article 3 right

    Intellectual property rights (the copyright, design right, patent right, utility model right, a trademark, know-how is included, but is not limited to these) about the information that 1) we place in this site, other rights shall belong all to us or other copyright holders unless there is fate of 特段, and, as for the member, any information that I obtained through the use of this site cannot do the use except the method that we appoint unless we approved it.

    When intellectual property rights (the copyright, design right, patent right, utility model right, a trademark, know-how is included, but is not limited to these) occur, I am free, and, on service to offer through 2) book sites or this site, all the rights concerned shall be transferred to us by the contents which a member posted. In addition, I do it if similar about the illustration which a member applied for for an offer to perform through the service that we provide through this site or this site, a catch copy, a plan, other contents.

    I shall include Copyright Act Article 27, an Article 28 predetermined right in the copyright of 3) foregoing paragraphs.

    4) members shall not use author's personal rights (the publication right, the full name indication right, the identity maintenance right) for the third party who they acquire a right fairly from us and us or received the permission to use right fairly.
    In addition, approve it beforehand because the information in this site can be published as a publication and a publication to a newspaper, a magazine. But there cannot be the thing showing it without the prior consent of the member about the personal information including the name or address from the viewpoint of personal information protection and privacy protection. Specifically, give me をご 覧 about "the handling of the personal information in this site".
  • Article 4 withdrawal

    When I am going to resign, a member shall apply for the withdrawal to the member. I file for the application for withdrawal from the page of the withdrawal in this service. The member shall agree that the data which accumulated with this site use become extinct by a withdrawal beforehand.