Privacy Policy

  • 3.How your personal information is used

    I use personal information to have you provide us from a visitor for the following purposes.

    (1) For the shipment such as various prizes, a monitor, a notice for the application such as models of result, the present
    (2) I match the information on this site with an individual visitor, and to customize it
    (3) For the correspondence to an inquiry
    (4) For various reporting with an E-mail or the direct mail from us
    (5) For an article, contents making
    (6) For an article, the contents use of various questionary survey and results
    (7) To be able to help the development of the improvement of the offer service and the new service
    (8) To prevent the use with the state state in violation of the Terms of Use of the offer service
    (9) To introduce the services that a third party offers to the visitor of the hope

    I cannot use it other than a purpose to exhibit the personal information that had you provide it from a visitor without the agreement of the visitor as above.